NEP Initiatives

On-the-Job Training& Mentorship Programme

  • To develop job skills and working experience for unemployed youth and to assist MSME's in building their workforce
  • 295 individuals will be employed at various businesses or organizations for a one year period. Employees will be matched with owners/managers who will provide training, guidance, and support during the training period and mentors will submit a brief report to the unit at the end of the period. Targeted sectors will include tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and services.

Community Employment Initiatives

  • To create sustainable employment within targeted communities by providing support through the village councils or community development groups for community enhancement projects, capacity building, skill development, and beautification projects
  • Projects may include community tourism, staffing for resource centers, landscaping and cleaning, painting, after-school classes for students, or other business projects with potential for direct employment within the community.

Graduate Internship Programme

  • To provide an opportunity for recent university graduates to gain work experience and develop job-related skills for career development. Graduates will employed on Internships within the Public Sector, NGO's and Statutory Corporations for organizations for a one year period. 
  • A special programme will be launched for the Kalinago Territory to engage University Graduates on special projects within the Territory.

Education Mentorship Programme

  • College graduates will be engaged on a part-time basis to provide after school classes/tutoring services within the communities.

Adult Education-to-Work

  • Under the Employment Programme, individuals who have received training in specific skill areas with the Adult Education Division will be engaged for a one year period.

Marketing Assistance Programme

  • To assist businesses in sourcing markets, increasing market awareness, generating publicity, and increasing sales.
  • The Ministry of Trade will engage a team of graduates to provide technical support to the Small Business Sector.
  • Services will be directed specifically to the following activities

          Website development
          Brand development
          Packaging and labeling
          Promotional activities – advertising, public relations, sales promotions, direct marketing, and personal selling campaigns
          Market research
          Market access
          Product distributio